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The pilgrimage route of Santiago de Compostela

Located on the Via Tolosana, Saint-Gilles is the first stage of the liking trail GR 653. This stage is a 21.7 km walk through Camargue landscapes between Arles and Saint-Gilles. Before arriving in Saint-Gilles, you will cross the road bridge above the marina. Then you will pass through the canal district and the ancient town centre before reaching the abbey church, a must see for pilgrims with a spiritual quest, before heading on towards Vauvert.

  • The “Maison des pèlerins - Marcel Avignon”, located place de la République is dedicated to the stage of pilgrims. Credential needed. Please call +33 (0)6 10 39 87 07 to book for a night or two.
    Saint-Gilles also offers other types of accommodation. Please ask at the Tourist Information Centre.
  • To record your passage in Saint-Gilles you can have your credential stamped at the Tourist Information Centre or at the church reception desk.
  • By presenting the credential at the church reception desk, each pilgrim is allowed to visit the crypt of the abbey church for free.

post-scriptum :

What is the “Credential”?
The credential is also called the pilgrim’s passport and refers to the former “letter of credence” delivered by the Church; used by pilgrims as a safe-conduct to pass the many controls that marked the road to Santiago.
Nowadays, the credential is the document which, by its many stamps, is proof of the journey to Santiago and allows the pilgrim to receive the “Compostela”, a certificate of completion of the pilgrimage.