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Saint-Gilles Festival

From August 22nd to August 26th 2018

Come and enjoy 5 days of party !

Every year the last weekend of august the Saint-Gilles Festival takes place.

The occasion for everyone to enjoy a traditional and typical Camargue party that lasts almost a week.

Wednesday July 22nd
21h30 : Camargue films in the arenas (free entrance)

Thursday July 23rd
The Youth Day
19h00: Opening parade of the Saint-Gilloise youth, the keys of the city given to the youth by the Mayor and the election of the best party vehicle - Gambetta square
19h30: abrivado bandido - street bull run lead by gardians* - offered by the association of the Saint-Gilloise youth, manade du Rousty - Gambetta street, café du midi
20h00: Musical aperitif - place Gambetta
21h00: Grand encierro - street bull run without horsemen- manade Vellas - place de la chicanette
22h00: opening Fluo Experience by la DS with DJ Didier Sabatier and Jean-Christophe Buravand - place Gambetta

Friday August 24th
80 years anniversary of the arena ... 80 bulls abrivado
18h30: Parade of the peña and the gardians
19h00: Abrivado of 80 bulls to celebrate the 80 years anniversary of the arenas, then sorting of the bulls in the arena. Manade Aubanel - path: from arenas to Anatole France street, Gambetta street, Frédéric Mistral square and back.

Saturday August 25th
Back in the days, hosted by the peña Los Caballeros
9h00: Picnic at the field of Barjac - disposable grill
11h30: Departure of the abrivado from the fields Manade Aubanel
12h00: arrival of the abrivado in the city
16h30: "Course Avenir/espoir" at the arena Emile Bilhau. First day of the silver hind (Biche d’Argent) with the following bulls : Arabica (Rousty), Brennus (Baumelles), Angora (Aubanel), Muris (Cougourlier), Tristo (Espelly Blanc), Sabré (Saint Pierre), Mi Gato (Félix). Raseteurs : Bouhargane, Garcia F, Oudjit, Four, Montesinos, Charrade, Auzolle, Naïm.
Entrance: 9 euro.
19h00: Old School parade - parking of the arena, canal, Sadi Carnot street, Gambetta Street, Frédéric Mistral square
20h00: Dancing aperitif with the group Les Garnements - place de la Chicanette
21h30: abrivado bandido at night, manade Martini - Gambetta strret at café du Midi
22h00: Ball with the group Les Garnements - place de la chicanette

Sunday August 26th
Day of the Gase - crossing of the canal by cattle and horsemen - hosted by the peña Paul Ricard
09h00: Breakfast at the arena - offered by Intermarché
10h45: gase of 5 manades at the canal. Manades Agnel, Leron, Briaux, Thibaud, Saint-Louis - offered by Intermarché
12h00: abrivado bandido manade du Rousty - Gambetta street, café du Midi
16h30: Course Avenir/Espoir at the arenas Emile Bilhau. Final

From August 22nd to August 26th

*gardians : Camargue horsemen