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Abbey church of Saint-Gilles - 20 years of UNESCO


Routes of Santiago de Compostela in France – 20th World Heritage anniversary

Santiago de Compostela was the supreme goal for countless thousands of pious pilgrims who converged there from all over Europe throughout the Middle Ages. To reach Spain pilgrims had to pass through France, and the group of important historical monuments included in this inscription marks out the four routes by which they did so.

  • The Pilgrimage Route of Santiago de Compostela played a key role in religious and cultural exchange and development during the later Middle Ages, and this is admirably illustrated by the carefully selected monuments on the routes followed by pilgrims in France.
  • The spiritual and physical needs of pilgrims travelling to Santiago de Compostela were met by the development of a number of specialized types of edifice, many of which originated or were further developed on the French sections.
  • The Pilgrimage Route of Santiago de Compostela bears exceptional witness to the power and influence of Christian faith among people of all classes and countries in Europe during the Middle Ages.’ ( source :

In 1998, the abbey-church of Saint-Gilles was registered on the World Heritage as part of the Saint-James Way in France.

In 2018, the abbey-church of Saint-Gilles celebrates 20 years of this anniversary!

It is the occasion to offer a great number of events throughout the year.